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The Top 10 Best Anchorage Year Round Day Tours of 2024

Experience Alaska’s natural beauty and distinct wildlife like never before by joining one of the top 10 Anchorage day tours in 2023. From breathtaking landscapes to unique wildlife, Anchorage is home to a treasure trove of experiences sure to leave you amazed. With so many incredible offerings available, there’s no better way than an exciting tour for travelers looking for an unforgettable adventure!

Key Takeaways

  • Experience the majestic wildlife and glaciers of Alaska with Anchorage Wildlife and Glacier Excursions!

  • Learn which Day Tours are seasonal and which are year-round year round

  • Get your adrenaline pumping with exciting adventure activities like walking dog sledding, ATVing, kayaking, or flightseeing!

Anchorage Wildlife and Glacier Excursions

If you’re looking to truly appreciate Alaska’s awe-inspiring natural beauty, nothing beats taking a guided day tour with an experienced Alaskan guide. These excursions accommodate all sorts of activities and budgets so that everyone can take advantage and get an intimate experience with the wildlife as well as witness towering glaciers up close.

From going on boat trips around icebergs to visiting local conservation centers or even coastal tours filled with animals, there is plenty for tourists to marvel at in this remarkable part of the world!

Coastal Wildlife Tours ( Spring through Fall)

If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable experience, take advantage of the coastal wildlife tours available in Kenai Fjords National Park and Prince William Sound. Welcome Anchorage Tours offers guided day tours from Anchorage to Seward and Whitter. You can also choose to take a train to Seward as well. Once arriving, you can choose an exhilarating 3.5-hour trip to all-day exploration with Major Marine Tours or kayaking along Seward Highway’s beautiful waters, these adventures will leave memories that last a lifetime! For only $89+ per person you’ll be able to spot whales, sea otters as well as orcas humpback whales, and other majestic creatures like seals puffins eagles goats bears etc during your visit to one of Alaska’s most pristine national parks. Join us on this extraordinary journey through breathtaking views where exciting animal encounters are guaranteed!

Glacier Cruises and Glacier walks and viewing ( limited year round)

Take in the breathtaking scenery of Alaska’s glaciers on one of many cruises available or choose a more personalized approach in walking up to see a glacier. The Full-Day Matanuska Glacier Hike and Tour offers an opportunity to explore remarkable ice formations as well as obtain more insight into its natural history from knowledgeable guides. There is also a shorter voyage. The Portage Glacier cruise which brings passengers to beautiful Portage Lake, where they can observe icebergs and hanging glaciers up close. If time allows for it, there is even 26 Glaciers Cruise with Coach excursion offered—it combines both a sightseeing tour along with glacier boat ride that will give you plenty of moments filled with wonderment over all these wondrous icy glacial marvels. Embarking upon glacier voyages are absolute must if looking forward to experiencing unique beauty regarding magical sights throughout Alaskan glaciations firsthand!

Conservation Center Visits ( Year round tours)

One of our favorite activities that our guests rave about is stopping at the Wildlife Conservation CenterVisitors of all ages have the opportunity to learn about Alaska’s native species and observe conservation efforts in action at centers like the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center or Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge. These establishments are homes for wildlife who can’t survive on their own, providing a unique experience. At these facilities, you could watch endangered animals up close such as coyotes, bald eagles, grizzly bears, and wood bison – an unforgettable sight!

Whether you choose the Seward to Anchorage Tour or the Glacier and Wildlife Adventure Tour, we always make sure to include this!

Adventure Activities

Rev up your adrenaline with a selection of exciting excursions in Anchorage! Enjoy the Alaskan wilderness while you dog sled, go ATV-ing, take part in helicopter tours or raft down rivers. These activities are perfect for those seeking an adrenaline rush and also suitable for all who wish to uncover this extraordinary region. Such unforgettable experiences will make sure that you keep coming back again and again.

Dog Sledding Tours ( Year round options)

Live the rush of driving your own pack of Alaskan Huskies on escorted canine sled trips, skimming across blanketed scenery and breathing in that invigorating frosty air. With choices like the Anchorage Mush Your Own Dog Sled Tour ($375 for each person) which goes on for 9 hours—you’ll be mesmerized by a thrilling experience gliding through snow with your four-legged pals!

Dog sled tours give you an original and extraordinary approach to discover Alaska’s backcountry, helping make memories lasting forever.

ATV Adventures ( Year round options)

Take an exciting half day tour of Alaska’s backcountry on a thrilling ATV ride. Journey through winding forests and silt dunes, all while admiring the gorgeous vistas around you. The Anchorage Knik River Valley Half Day Excursion allows riders to reach up to halfway to the Knik Glacier (weather allowing). This extraordinary experience is priced at $235++ per person for unparalleled memories. Take your exploration of Alaska’s stunning scenery off-road with these exhilarating adventures!

Helicopter and Rafting Expeditions ( Mainly Spring-Fall)

For an unforgettable expedition deep in the heart of Alaskan wilderness, opt for a Helicopter Hiking and Rafting Adventure. This exciting day trip offers visitors a thrilling helicopter ride followed by nature hike guided by professionals as well as iceberg rafting adventure before being taken back on board Alaska Railroad for some scenic traveling experience. Combine all these elements together to get your dose of excitement within one single adventurous package!

Flightseeing Experiences

For a truly unforgettable experience, take an aerial tour of Alaska’s incredible landscape and witness the grandeur that Denali National Park has to offer or soar over Prince William Sound. These flightseeing tours will give you an extraordinary view of this natural paradise from up high by embarking on a floatplane adventure that is sure to leave you mesmerized.

Denali Flightseeing ( Limited Year Round Options)

For just $495 per person, you can take a 3-hour flight around Denali National Park for an incredible experience of Alaska’s majestic beauty. The Anchorage Discover Denali Flightseeing Tour is sure to provide exceptional views with the possibility of landing on glaciers too! You’ll be able to look out over magnificent landscapes that will fill your heart with awe and wonder from above. Don’t miss this opportunity to admire one of nature’s masterpieces from high up in the sky – it truly is something special.

Prince William Sound Aerial Tours ( Limited Year Round Options)

Aerial tours with Alpine Air Alaska provide an incredible chance to behold the majestic Prince William Sound in all its glory. Taking you through a myriad of mesmerizing glacier fields, towering mountains and diverse marine life – at roughly $600 per person – these excursions deliver unparalleled views of magnificent landscapes that are native to Alaska. Revel in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where nature’s beauty can be admired from above!

Floatplane Adventures ( Spring through Fall)

Paragraph 1: Floatplane tours over Anchorage offer visitors a one-of-a kind outlook on Alaska’s incredible terrain, with thrilling views of the wilds to be admired.

Paragraph 2: Rust’s Flying Service and Alaska Jet Ski Tours provide unique aerial perspectives to appreciate the state’s beauty from above, breathtaking panoramas laid out under your floatplane while soaring through air.

Paragraph 3 : Embarking upon such an experience will surely leave you spellbound as you take in all that these treks have to present across this majestic landscape!

Guided Hiking and Trekking ( Limited Year Round Options)

Hikers of any level can explore Alaska’s striking landscapes on guided walks and treks through Chugach State Park, Matanuska Glacier and Hatcher Pass. These excursions will provide an opportunity for newcomers to the outdoors as well as experienced hikers alike to experience all that nature has to offer in these remarkable places.

Chugach State Park Trails ( Spring through Fall)

Explore the magnificence of Chugach State Park on guided hikes offering breathtaking sights and a chance to observe wildlife. Trails such as Rabbit Lake & McHugh Peak, Rabbit Lake/Suicide Peaks, Eagle River Nature Center Trail are just some examples that give you an opportunity for discovering this state park’s vast beauty.

If you’re looking to explore Alaska’s wilderness first-hand then join one of our experienced guides through Katmai National Park which leads right into the magnificent scenery found in nearby Lake Clark National Park.

Matanuska Glacier Hikes ( Year Round)

For the most incredible glacier experience, join a full-day Matanuska Glacier Hike and Tour with experienced guides. Marvel at its unique features as you learn about its natural history from your guide for the best value in wilderness wildlife encounters. Witness beautiful ice formations or take scenic river trips around this magnificent expanse of land – it will be an unforgettable journey!

Hatcher Pass Exploration ( Summer)

Embrace the remarkable alpine valley of Hatcher Pass during your Anchorage getaway. This historic place holds a unique allure with abandoned gold mines, amazing hiking trails and stunning panoramic mountain views. Take this chance to gain insight into Alaska’s past while treasuring its splendid scenery!

Independence Mine State Historical Park is just one of many attractions that you must not miss out on. It will make for an unforgettable journey through time amidst picturesque nature. Don’t let go off this opportunity, delve in and explore what has been offered by Hatcher Pass!

Water-Based Activities

In Alaska, you can explore a range of water-based activities including kayaking, canoeing and paddleboarding. If you’re after something more thrilling then why not try out some jet ski tours? You’ll be able to make incredible connections with the area’s untouched wilderness as well as discovering its tranquil lakes like Kenai Lake. Whichever activity is for you it will be an unforgettable experience that stays in your memory forever!

Kayaking and Canoeing ( Spring through Fall)

For an unforgettable adventure, experience the majesty of Alaska’s natural beauty through guided canoe and kayak excursions. From Prince William Sound Kayaking Adventure to Eklutna Lake Canoeing Trip (no matter your level of paddling proficiency) you will have a unique opportunity to explore glaciers, rivers, and tranquil lakes from the perspective of being on water.

Paddleboarding Adventures

For an exciting experience, try stand-up paddleboarding in the gorgeous waterways of Alaska. Paddleboarders with all skill levels can partake in guided tours such as Eklutna Lake Adventure to explore glaciers and spot wildlife while taking in stunning views. This is a great way to drift across pristine waters and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds you!

Take this opportunity for a paddleboard journey sure to stay etched into your memory forever.

City Sightseeing and Cultural Experiences

Experience the history and culture of Anchorage with a guided tour, visiting museums, cultural centers or embarking on an appetizing walking food tour. These tours provide travelers the opportunity to learn about major landmarks while savoring unique local delicacies for a truly memorable experience that will connect you more deeply with this vibrant city’s heritage.

Anchorage City Tours ( Limited Year Round Options)

Take in the attractions and background of Alaska’s most populous city through a selection of guided tours, which include trolley rides and party bike routes. With offerings like Anchorage Trolley’s Luxury City Tour or even an Anchorage City Tour with a sample Wild Smoked Salmon & Reindeer Sausage, you’ll be able to uncover some famous places while learning about its riveting past.

These welcome anchorage tours provide an exclusive experience into understanding more about this fantastic Alaskan town for history connoisseurs as well as those simply curious about it.

Walking Food Tours ( Year Round )

Discover the culinary scene of Anchorage on walking tours! Take a Downtown Anchorage Food & History Walking Tour to sample local flavors and get an insight into its history, or explore Lake Hood with options like the Anchorage Lake Hood tour. You’ll be able to try Alaskan dishes such as reindeer sausage and seafood while learning about the vibrant food culture around you. So join us for these tasty journeys that give a unique opportunity to savor all that Alaska has in store for your taste buds!

Museum and Cultural Center Visits ( Year Round)

Take the time to explore Alaska’s culture and history through museums like the Anchorage Museum and its Alaska Native Heritage Center. These institutions will give you an in-depth look into each aspect of this state’s heritage, whether it is for understanding native life or learning about artistry. This educational experience can touch your heart deeply with information that surely stays with you forever.

Gain valuable insights by visiting these cultural centers within Anchorage. They provide exhibits sure to please anyone looking for a richer knowledge on Alaskan traditions as well as its people who have lived here since ancient times.

Northern Lights and Photography Tours ( Mainly Winter)

Capture magnificent landscapes on guided northern lights and photography tours available in Alaska. Such as Anchorage Aurora Quest or Wild Alaskan Journeys Northern Lights Tour, they offer a special chance to explore this stunning place while witnessing the extraordinary aurora borealis .

Whether you are an experienced photographer aiming to hone your skills or just starting out , these excursions will give you the opportunity to learn how take perfect photos of such magical phenomena .

Aurora Borealis Tours

Witness an enchanting and spectacular natural phenomenon, the northern lights any time of year. Tour guides with Anchorage Aurora Quest will pick you up from your hotel and show you how to capture breathtaking images of this aurora borealis spectacle on camera. They can provide pointers for snapping some unforgettable shots all while admiring one of nature’s greatest shows!

Come experience this otherworldly beauty firsthand at any point in the year- don’t miss out!

Landscape Photography Excursions

For an unforgettable experience, join a guided photography tour to capture the spectacular beauty of Alaska’s landscapes and wildlife. Different packages are available such as Chugach National Forest Wildlife Photography Expedition or Bear Viewing and Fishing Adventure that will give you access to witness this scenery up close in their natural environment. It doesn’t matter your level of expertise with cameras, these tours offer unique moments full of awe-inspiring wonders for everyone involved. Make memories that last a lifetime!


In 2023, Anchorage is offering an array of spectacular day tours for travelers looking to make memories and explore their Alaskan adventure. From wild animal encounters to adrenaline-filled activities and picturesque aerial explorations, there’s a tour that can fit everyone’s needs—we’ve compiled the ten best year round itineraries so you don’t miss out on any excitement!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth spending a day in Anchorage?

Our family has lived in Anchorage for over 40 years and we believe it offers some of the most unique and wonderful ways to spend a perfect day. One of our favorite things to do in the spring and summer months is spend the morning hiking Little O'Mally or biking on the coastal trail, and enjoy a great lunch at the Fire Island Bakery, take in some of the art shops downtown or one of the local markets and then end the evening with an amazing world-class dinner at Altura Restaurant or Glacier Brewhouse.

Is there a hop-on hop-off bus in Anchorage Alaska?

Experience the best of Anchorage with an exciting Hop-On Hop-Off City Trolley Tour and explore its unique history and natural beauty! You can also choose a local city tour that includes Turnagain Arm.

What is the best time of year to visit Anchorage for a variety of day tours?

Plan an amazing summer experience with the range of day tours Anchorage offers from May to September. The peak season in Alaska is during those Summer months. A lot of guests want to experience the beauty of Alaska, without the cold :) If you want to experience Anchorage a bit more off the beaten path and are interested in winter activities then October-March offers a wide variety of incredible activities. From Dog sledding to Snowmachines, and wildlife viewing. Helicopter excursions and more- There is enough exceptional day tours to keep you busy for a week or more!

Are there any guided tours available for exploring Alaska's glaciers?

Come experience the amazing sights of Alaska’s majestic glaciers with one of our carefully crafted tours - from a full-day Matanuska Glacier Hike and Tour to an awe-inspiring Portage Glacier Cruise. This journey will be unforgettable!

Can I see the Northern Lights during my visit to Anchorage?

From November 1st to March 28th, you can witness the majestic Northern Lights in Anchorage! Get an unforgettable experience with a guided Aurora Borealis tour. This natural display of colors is sure to take your breath away, making for an incredible visit. Although there's no guarantee of seeing the Northern Lights during your time in Anchorage, there are apps and data that provide information to give us the best opportunity to view them. Reach out if you're interested in a recommendation from a tour provider that offers this.

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