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Your Ultimate Guide to Summer Travel in Anchorage, Alaska, including 7 of the best local day trips

Anchorage, Alaska is a fantastic summer vacation destination with its breathtaking landscapes and plethora of outdoor activities. Below are some tips and recommendations for the best months to visit Anchorage in the summer and 7 great local activities that are perfect for a day trip.

Best Months to Visit Anchorage in the Summer

Summer is the best time to visit Anchorage as the skies are clear, and temperatures range from 55 to 78 °F. The best months are June through August when days are long and sunny, and you can experience the charm of “The Land of the Midnight Sun.”

If you’re planning to visit Anchorage, Alaska during the summer, then you’re in for a treat! Unlike winter months where high temperatures remain around the mid-20s, summer months see temperate weather with temperatures soaring in the low 70s.

According to Weatherspark, the summer season in Anchorage lasts for 3.7 months, from May 19 to September 11 with an average daily high temperature above 59°F. The warmest month of the year in Anchorage is July, with an average daytime temperature of 65°F.

With pleasant temperatures, summer is the best time to visit Anchorage, Alaska. March through May is springtime in Anchorage, but it can be fickle. Instead, you should plan your visit from late May to Mid-September, when the average high temperates are in the mid-60s to low 70s, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

Some of the popular summer activities in Anchorage include hiking, fishing, and glacier viewing. The Alaska Collection notes that the northern areas of Alaska experience warmer temperatures than the southern regions, with the Inside Passage region seeing the first signs of summer in May.

There is also a lot of daylight in the summer months, which makes it an excellent time to embark on a road trip across Alaska. notes that between June and early July, the sun does not fully set below the horizon, which can lead to sleep disruptions but is an experience in itself. So, if you're planning a trip to Anchorage, Alaska, plan it during the summer months from June to August to enjoy pleasant weather, outdoor activities, and enjoy long daylight hours.

Following are 7 of the Best Local Activities for a Perfect Day Trip >>>

1. Tony Knowles Coastal Trail: Experience the beauty of the Anchorage Coastline

Are you looking for an outdoor adventure that will leave you in awe of nature's majesty? Look no further than Tony Knowles Coastal Trail in Anchorage, Alaska! This eleven-mile trail is one of the most beautiful coastal trails in the nation and offers stunning views of Cook Inlet and Knik Arm. Named after former Alaska governor Tony Knowles, this trail is perfect for hiking, biking, walking, or jogging. As you make your way along the shoreline of Anchorage, you'll pass through coastal marshes, forested hills, and scenic rest areas that offer uninterrupted views of the city. You'll forget that you're near a bustling metropolis as the trail immerses you in a serene environment. If you're lucky, you might even spot bald eagles, beluga whales, or moose along the trail. The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail offers an opportunity to experience the beauty of Alaska's wildlife up close and personal. Whether you're an avid hiker or just looking for a leisurely stroll, the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is a must-visit destination in Anchorage. Come discover why this trail has become a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Don't miss out on the chance to experience the beauty of Anchorage's coastline. Book your trip to Anchorage now and get ready to explore one of the most stunning trails in the country.

2. Flattop Mountain: Panoramic views of the surrounding wildlife and cityscape.

Take a hike up the 3,510-foot Flattop Mountain, one of the most popular hiking spots in Anchorage, for panoramic views of the city and the Chugach Mountains. Widely regarded as the most climbed mountain in Alaska, Flat Top Mountain offers breathtaking views and unique hiking experiences. With 1,350 vertical feet to ascend, the trail to the summit may be steep, but it is worth it for the football field-sized summit and panoramic views of the surrounding wildlife and cityscape. And if you're not up for the full ascent, there are several loop trails below to explore. Plus, with convenient access from downtown Anchorage and a 15-mile drive to the trailhead, visiting Flat Top Mountain can easily be done as a must-do day trip. So, pack your hiking gear and camera, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime at Flat Top Mountain in Anchorage, Alaska. *** Welcome Anchorage Tours offers an accessible way to view the Glen Alps and the Flat Top area as part of the half-day city tour.

3. Alaska Native Heritage Center: A Unique and Unforgettable Experience in Anchorage

This living cultural center offers an in-depth look into the rich history, traditions, and natural beauty of Alaska's Native peoples. With a focus on Alaska Natives, the center offers an immersive experience that allows visitors to interact with and learn from the people who keep these traditions alive. At the Alaska Native Heritage Museum, you'll have the opportunity to watch traditional dances, listen to stories passed down through generations, and even witness carvers at work, creating beautiful and intricate artwork. The center's exhibits feature a wide range of artifacts and art, providing a comprehensive overview of Alaska Native cultures and history. What really makes the Alaska Native Heritage Museum special is its commitment to actively promoting and preserving Alaska Native culture. Visitors can participate in hands-on activities and demonstrations, from learning traditional weaving techniques to trying their hand at Native games. The center offers both guided tours and self-guided exploration, allowing you to learn at your own pace and tailor your experience to your interests. Overall, the Alaska Native Heritage Museum offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience that you won't want to miss. It's a chance to learn about a fascinating culture that is too often overlooked and to connect with the people who keep it alive. So be sure to add the museum to your Anchorage itinerary – you won't regret it! For more information on the Alaska Native Heritage Museum, visit their website. And to read about others' experiences, check out TripAdvisor or

4. Ship Creek: the only urban king salmon fishery in the world!

Whether you're an avid fisherman or just love exploring nature, a visit to the Ship Creek Area is a must-do! Located in downtown Anchorage, Ship Creek offers a truly unique experience: the opportunity to fish for salmon right in the heart of the city. It's no wonder it's considered the only urban king salmon fishery in the world! You don't need to be an expert angler to enjoy this activity – it's suitable for all skill levels, and you can even rent gear if you don't have your own. But fishing isn't the only reason to visit Ship Creek. It's also an excellent spot for wildlife viewing, with plenty of opportunities to observe shorebirds and other species in their natural habitat. Plus, if you're up for a hike, the Ship Creek Trail offers a short and accessible route that's perfect for exploring Anchorage's natural history.

When you're done with outdoor activities, make sure to stop by the Ship Creek Overlook Park. From there, you can enjoy stunning views of the creek and the surrounding mountains, making for a perfect Instagram-worthy moment. And if you're looking for a more challenging adventure, head to Ship Creek Hill in the nearby Chugach State Park. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the unique combination of natural beauty and urban convenience that Ship Creek Area offers. Book your trip to Anchorage, Alaska, today and enjoy an unforgettable adventure! *** Welcome Anchorage Tours includes a visit to Ship Creek in our half-day tours of Anchorage

5. Eklutna Lake: This Glacier Fed Lake will not disappoint.

Take a scenic drive and enjoy a picnic or camping at Eklutna Lake, a beautiful glacier-fed lake surrounded by mountains. Located just an hour's drive from Anchorage, Eklutna Lake is a must-visit destination for any nature lover. With more than 15 miles of shoreline, the lake offers plenty of opportunities for kayaking, fishing, and hiking. Plus, it's fed by the Eklutna Glacier, making the scenery absolutely breathtaking. Hikers will be delighted with the trails available in the surrounding Chugach State Park, with options ranging from easy to challenging. There's even a scenic drive to help you experience the stunning views without the need for hiking boots. And for those who want to extend their stay, Eklutna Lake Campground offers 50 campsites with all the amenities you need for a comfortable night under the stars.

But perhaps what makes Eklutna Lake truly special is its connection to the local Alaskan culture. The nearby village of Eklutna has a rich history that dates back hundreds of years, and visitors can learn about traditional beliefs, practices, and art at the Eklutna Historical Park. It's a unique way to deepen your understanding of the area and its people. So, whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or a culture buff, Eklutna Lake is a destination that should not be missed during your visit to Anchorage.

6. Beluga Point: This stunning location is just a short drive south of Anchorage.

While there are plenty of great options in choosing where to go in Anchorage, visiting Beluga Point should definitely be high on your list. This stunning location is just a short drive south of Anchorage along the Seward Highway, and it's worth the trip for several reasons. e of the biggest draws of Beluga Point is the wildlife viewing opportunities it offers. As the name suggests, this rocky outpost is known for its sightings of beluga whales. While there are no guarantees, if you time your visit correctly and arrive a few hours before Anchorage high tide, you stand a good chance of spotting these fascinating creatures in action. But even if you don't spot any whales, the 180-degree views of Turnagain Arm are breathtaking and make for an incredible photo op.

But Beluga Point isn't just about the animals. The location is also rich in history and archaeology, with the Beluga Point Site featuring prominently in local lore. And for those who enjoy adventure, the area offers hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Overall, a visit to Beluga Point is a must-do when in Anchorage. With its combination of stunning natural beauty, thrilling wildlife sightings, and rich history, it's a place you won't soon forget. Experience the state's most famous race, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, which starts from Anchorage every March.

7. Discover the Breathtaking Views of Alyeska and the Tram in Anchorage, Alaska.

Alyeska Resort and taking a ride on the aerial tram should definitely be on your must-do list. This experience is truly unforgettable, with stunning panoramic views of mountains, glaciers, and streams that will leave you in awe. The seven-minute tram ride takes you to a viewing deck at an elevation of 2300 feet, allowing you to witness the frosty beauty of Turnagain Arm and the surrounding wilderness. The Alyeska Tramway is a unique feat of engineering and offers an experience like no other, allowing you to marvel at the untamed beauty of Alaska from above.

At the top of the tram, you can indulge in fine dining and drinks while taking in the epic views year-round. And if you're a ski enthusiast, the Alyeska Resort is also the perfect spot for skiing, with unparalleled views from every slope. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience of riding on the Alyeska Tram and exploring the breathtaking wilderness of Alaska that surrounds it. Book your tickets now and discover the stunning beauty of Alyeska for yourself.

Conclusion: Anchorage, Alaska is A dream destination

Anchorage, Alaska is a dream travel destination surrounded by natural beauty and fun outdoor activities. Don't wait any longer to plan your summer vacation, and be sure to add these 7 great local activities to your day trip. Book your tour now to experience the charm and hospitality of this amazing place.



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